Michigan Beefalo Breeders Association

The Michigan Beefalo Breeders Association was formed in 1981. Membership is open to all persons interested in the promotion, development, and improvement of the Beefalo breed within the state of Michigan. Membership is composed of breeders and owners of Beefalo across Michigan who are very willing to share their experiences, ideas, and suggestions.


The MBBA sponsors several activities throughout the year including four membership meetings, an annual show, and sale at the Michigan Cattlemen’s Association Beef Expo held at Michigan State University in the spring, a summer Picnic at one of our member’s farm.


Beefalo is a hybrid cross breed of Bison and any breed of domestic cattle. Beefalo contains between 17% and 37.5% (3/8) bison. A full-blooded Beefalo is 3/8 bison. Beefalo look like cows and yet retain many of the favorable characteristics of bison. Beefalo will eat rough forage, survive under harsh conditions, are generally smaller at birth, are hardy, are generally easy to manage, and produce a high quality low-fat high protein meat. USDA sources show Beefalo to be lower in calories, cholesterol, and total and saturated fat and higher in protein than beef, pork, and chicken. In the spring of 1985, the USDA began to allow Beefalo carcasses to be stamped “Beef from Beefalo” or “Beefalo Beef” provided they are registered in one of the national registry programs and are handled during slaughter and processing according to USDA instructions. Many processors have been approved to process such stamped carcasses.


American Beefalo International (ABI) and American Beefalo Word Registry (ABWR) have merged to form a single national breed organization. The November 15, 2008 merger created the American Beefalo Association (ABA). There are currently numerous Beefalo breeders and producers across the United States, Internationally, and in Michigan. Information regarding Beefalo can be obtained from any of the officers or other members of the MBBA.