Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Beefalo?

1. The American Bison is one of the most perfectly adapted grazing animals on the planet. It can survive under harsh conditions and can thrive on land considered unsuitable for domestic cattle. Bison calves are generally smaller at birth than domestic calves, but they grow rapidly.

Beefalo are true best-of-both-worlds animals. Typically they inherit the Bison’s production advantages such as fertility, good mothering, and the ability to effeciently convert even marginal or poor forage into a higher-quality meat protein. Anyone currently raising cattle can raise Beefalo… without ever owning a Buffalo and without investing more money in heavier corrals or fences.

2. Beefalo have virtually no calving problems. Calves average from 40 to 65 pounds at birth.

3. Beefalo have inherited the long production life of the Bison. Beefalo cows and bulls are very fertile animals. Beefalo bulls are quick to settle females either by using natural service or artificial insemination. Female animals have no problems in conceiving or carrying their calves. Their small birth weight means quick, easy deliveries, resulting in healthy, vigorous, fast-growing calves.

4. Beefalo are hardy. Beefalo have up to five times more hair per square inch, which makes them able to tolerate the coldest climates. They have also inherited the bison ability to perspire, which makes the Beefalo adaptable to hot climates as well.

5. Beefalo can consume roughage feed and convert it to grain without extensive grain feeding.

6. Beefalo meat is mouth-wateringly delicious! It can be used in any beef recipe with any of the usual cooking methods (grilling, braising, roasting, etc.). Consumers will enjoy the same beefy taste as other beef cuts, but usually won’t notice the same greasy after-taste. While Beefalo is great as steaks, roasts, and burgers, it’s also a good choice for combination dishes like meatloaf, chili, and stews, because of its lower fat content.

What are the advantages of Beefalo?

A Beefalo is 3/8 American Bison crossed with 5/8 domestic bovine. Beefalo are not any specific color, they come horned or polled, but all share the bison traits of lean meat and the ability to browse, consume, and convert roughage to feed. A Fullblood Beefalo is exactly 3/8 bison genetics.

Will Beefalo reproduce?

YES! Beefalo cattle run as high a conception rate as domestic cattle. Beefalo have inherited the long production life of Bison. It is not uncommon for Beefalo cows to keep producing healthy calves until well into their late teens and early twenties.

How does Beefalo meat taste?

Beefalo meat tastes great! It is a little sweeter than beef. Beefalo has just enough fat to marble the meat, with no excess fat to be trimmed and wasted.

Where can I purchase Beefalo?