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Benefits of Being a “Participating Farmer”

All farmers may be referred to and may be accepted by the MBBA Executive Committee as a “Participating Farmer.” All referrals must be submitted by a person that is a current active member of the Michigan Beefalo Breeders Association (MBBA).

It is not a requirement that the “Participating Farmer” own Beefalo, BUT ALL MUST AGREE TO LIST ONLY FARM RELATED MERCHANDISE IN THE CLASSIFIED ADS, and they must agree to only list those items which they have harvested, grown, or raised on their farms which are not genetically modified and are free from disease, antibiotics, and/or chemicals.

The $25.00 Dues for MBBA are due annually (which are due each year on the first day of January and will renew annually). Payment of the yearly membership dues will allow your farm to be listed as a “Beefalo Breeder Member” or a “Participating Farmer,” which will allow you to take full advantage of listing your farm products for sale on our website (upon the acceptance for publishing as listed below).

All transactions are the sole agreement of a private treaty sale between the seller and the buyer. All payments for merchandise will be done directly between the buyer and seller.

A “Participating Farmer” agrees to accept full and sole responsibility for all the aspects of the sale and/or purchase of items which are listed for sale in the classified ad section of this website as their own personal treaty purchase or sale.

All members are allowed to list ten (10) classified items per month in the classified ad section of this website. All items listed must be submitted to the website committee (which shall consist of three (3) MBBA Executive Board members) and must be approved by the majority of the three (3) members of the MBBA Executive Board before publishing.

Classified Ad Requirements

The wording of Classified Ads shall be limited to one item or event per ad using two hundred fifty (250) words in length or less, on the form provided below. The form may be submitted by either submitting a printed page or electronically through this website.

All ads must list your direct contact information: your name, farm name, phone number and/or email address, your location, and your delivery/pickup requirements. It is your option to list your prices (or not to list) directly in the advertisement.

The seller and buyer agree, both separately and together, that the MBBA (and/or its website) will not guarantee nor be held responsible for any advertisement, use, federal or state taxable income reporting of the sale in any way. This shall include the advertisement contents, condition, usability, availability, safety, or reliability of any product or animal. Purchases made through this website are the sole private treaty agreement between the individual buyer and seller.

Upon approval, the Classified Ad will be posted from the first of the next month to the end of that month, but will not remain for more than a thirty (30) day term before the ad will be deleted from the website, unless a renewal is requested by the listing party. It shall be the obligation of the seller to notify the website commitee when the item is sold, so it can be marked as sold or removed from the website as soon as possible after the sale of the item.